The new Multistar S3 is the entry-level member of Komptech’s professional star screen line. Designed expressly for the needs of lower to moderate volume users, the S3 combines low cost with a level of performance previously only available in the high-capacity L and XL class. Built on a crane lift module, it has small dimensions while still offering the requisite mobility for service providers or multi-site use. Like the higher capacity models, the applications range from compost to green cuttings to bark, chips and shredded waste wood. Similarly, almost all the options of the larger machines are available - wind-sifting of the medium fraction, screen deck variations, switch from 3 to 2 fractions, hopper extensions and much more



Diesel generator (kV/A): 38
Electrical power input (kW): n/a 

Screening UNIT

Fine fraction (mm): 0/10...25
Medium fraction (mm): 10...25/60...90
Coarse fraction (mm): >60...90
Fine screen area (m²): 3.9
Fine screen width (mm): 900
Fine screen length (mm): 4250
Coarse screen area (m²): 2.1
Coarse screen width (mm): 900
Coarse screen length (mm): 2400


Hopper volume (m³): ~2.5 / 3.5
Filling length (mm): 3100
Filling height (mm): 2500


Max. discharge height coarse fraction (mm): 2300
Max. discharge height medium fraction (mm): 2900
Max. discharge height fine fraction (mm): 2300


Transport length (mm): 8200
Transport width (mm): 2450
Transport height (mm): 2560


Dependent on equipment (~t): 10


Dependent on material (m³/h): 100



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